What is a BGA rework station and what are the categories?Everything you want to know is here.

May 04, 2023

What is the BGA rework station, where it can be used, how many types, how about the price, etc.These questions may be the common questions of many friends who have just come into contact with this industry. The following will introduce these points in detail.Everything you want to know is here!

What is a BGA rework station?To put it bluntly, that is to say, it is used to repair BGA machinery and equipment. BGA is a chip packaged by a certain chip. For example, the south bridge chip of the notebook motherboard is the packaged BGA. If there is a bad phenomenon of BGA production in the production line, it is necessary to use this equipment to repair it. In the after-sales maintenance market of individual computer households, if there is an empty welding of the south bridge and the north bridge, or a short circuit failure, this equipment is needed.Classification of BGA rework table: optical alignment and non-optical alignment.The optical alignment adopts split prism imaging through the optical module, and the non-optical alignment uses naked eyes to align the BGA according to the screen printing lines and points of the PCB board, so as to achieve alignment repair.The intelligent operation equipment for visual alignment, welding and disassembly of BGA components of different sizes can effectively improve the repair rate and productivity and greatly reduce the cost.Price of BGA rework unit: The purchase cost of BGA rework unit is the most intuitive and the first to be reflected. According to the customer's budget, whether to buy an imported BGA rerepair unit or a domestic BGA repair unit, a comparison and an inquiry will come out.For example, the imported BGA rework platform brand, the price is naturally high (starting at 200000) domestic high-end brands, the quality is also good, the price is much more affordable.Many users say that BGA equipment is more stable and cost-effective when choosing BGA rework tables.Optical BGA rework station, non-optical BGA rework station.These two categories directly determine the price of the equipment, the market price of the optical BGA rework table is about 30-50 million, and the non-optical machine is generally several thousand yuan.The operation of the optical BGA rework table is simpler, and the rework success rate is higher.The above is all the content related to the BGA rework station. I believe you will have a preliminary understanding of the BGA rework station after reading it.

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