Significance of chip (BGA) ball mounting

May 20, 2023

Chip ball planting is a difficult technology commonly used in the field of electronic maintenance, mainly through the removal of the original chip and the reinstallation of a new chip in the case of chip damage, damage or failure, in order to achieve the purpose of repairing electronic equipment.This paper will discuss the chip ball planting technology from the significance of chip ball planting, preparation work, ball planting technology and other aspects.

The chip in the electronic equipment plays a vital role in the power and running speed of the whole equipment. Once the chip is found to be damaged or invalid, it is necessary to implant the chip ball so that the equipment can be started again.Chip ball placement technology can save the cost of replacing the entire chip board, improve the efficiency of equipment maintenance, and reduce unnecessary maintenance costs.First of all, we need to prepare the instruments needed for chip ball planting, including microscopes, heat sources and other instruments.Then we need to know the relevant information of the chip that needs to be repaired, such as model, packaging method, etc.It is also necessary to safely remove the chip from the device, clean the chip and chip holder, and accurately position it to the correct position on the motherboard before ball planting.Ball planting technique 1.Chip removal: to remove the chip, it is necessary to heat the chip and remove the chip after heating.2. Dislocation welding: Dislocation welding of the pins in the new chip and the solder joints in the original circuit board (PCB).3.Install the new chip: Place the new chip on the chip seat and heat it with a heat source so that it can be soldered to the circuit board (PCB).Special attention should be paid to the fact that chip ball placement requires operators with rich experience and maintenance skills to avoid unnecessary damage and three-level maintenance of equipment.At the same time, attention should be paid to the neatness of the experimental table and the good operating environment during the operation of chip ball planting, so as to avoid the failure caused by dust and other impurities.Conclusion By explaining the significance, preparation and operation skills of chip ball implantation technology, we understand that chip ball implantation technology is not only one of the important technologies in the maintenance of electronic equipment, but also requires rich experience and maintenance skills.Only in this way can we improve the overall operation effect and prolong the service life of the equipment on the premise of ensuring the safety of the equipment.

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