Lithium-ion polymer battery X-RAY test, is there any radioactivity?

May 25, 2023

X-ray detection belongs to non-destructive testing. High-energy electrons generated by the cathode ray tube collide with the metal target to release X-ray rays. The X-ray wavelength is short and the penetration is strong (the longer the physical wavelength is, the greater the reflection is, and the weaker the corresponding penetration is: the shorter the wavelength is, the smaller the reflection is, and the stronger the penetration is).The x-y wavelength is shorter than visible light, infrared light, ultraviolet light, and so on. It belongs to ionizing radiation, and can detect the internal structure of objects with different densities. According to the change of light intensity, it forms an image to determine the internal properties of the product to be inspected.Generally speaking, the X-ray detection equipment itself has radiation, but it will add a radiation shield to the equipment, which will not cause radiation to the operators.Moreover, X-ray testing equipment needs to be certified and tested before leaving the factory and entering the hands of customers, and can only be operated after obtaining the radiation license certificate.X-ray detectable items: 1. IC package defect inspection such as S layer stripping, crack, cavity and wire bonding integrity inspection.2. Defects that may occur in the printed circuit board manufacturing process, such as poor S alignment or abnormal bridging.3. SMT solder joint cavity detection.4. Defect inspection of possible open circuit, short circuit or abnormal connection in various connection circuits.5. Integrity inspection of solder balls in solder ball array package and chip-on-chip package.6. There are cracks, false welding, false welding, etc. inside the sample.

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