Can the X-RAY detector detect the pillow defect of BGA solder joint?

May 26, 2023

With the development of electronic products in the direction of multi-function, high density, miniaturization and three-dimensional, more and more micro-devices are used, which means that there are more and more device I/O in each unit area, and there will be more and more heating elements, so the need for heat dissipation will become increasingly important.At the same time, thermal stress and warpage caused by different thermal expansion coefficients of various materials will increase the risk of assembly failure, and the possibility of premature failure of electronic products will also increase.In this situation, the reliability of BGA is particularly important.In order to ensure the quality of products, the inspection of electronic component packaging and BGA welding usually adopts a variety of inspection methods for failure analysis.X-RAY nondestructive testing is a kind of detection method which can display the inland defects of products intuitively through images, and then the software can automatically judge according to the preset defect parameters, so as to achieve high efficiency and intelligence.A pillow defect is a difficult defect to detect and is a common defect in ball grid array (BGA) and chip scale package (CSP) components.The pillow defect is that the solder balls of BGA and CSP components are not completely fused with the solder to form a good electrical connection and mechanical solder joint, and the paste and BGA solder balls are reflowed but not merged, just like the head is placed on a soft pillow.Pillow defect is also one of the false welds, which has strong concealment and will fail in subsequent testing, assembly, transportation or use due to insufficient welding strength, which will seriously affect product quality and company reputation.Therefore, pillow defects are very harmful.X-RAY nondestructive testing is divided into 2D and 3D, the former is plane imaging, the latter is to present three-dimensional images.Planar 2D-RAY nondestructive testing equipment is sufficient for products whose testing requirements are not very accurate.By rotating the angle of the carrier platform, the welding spot can be observed from the side. If the welding spot has a tail and is connected in a gourd shape, it can be basically determined that there is a pillow defect.3D-RAY detection will be more intuitive, through the tomography of the object to be examined, through the image software to synthesize three-dimensional graphics, three-dimensional display of the internal shape of the object to be examined, pillow defects nowhere to hide.X-RAY nondestructive testing has been widely used in various fault analysis, defect detection and on-line detection of electronic manufacturing production lines. X-RAY testing equipment can meet the testing needs of materials, reduce manual intervention and improve testing efficiency.After reading the above content, do you have a deep understanding?If you don't understand, keep paying attention to me!

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