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1 year warranty free for spare parts, Whole life technicial support. We have professional after sales team, if any question, assistant videos are also provided in after-sale service.
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Yes, you can specify a freight company, or we can help you find a freight company. The freight service(warehouse-to-door DAP) , the air freight time is 4-7 days, the land freight is 7-15 days, and the sea freight is 15-30 days.


1.The products and equipment are highly professional and have a wide range of applications.
2.have a large customer base in China and provide customers with comprehensive solutions.
3.Shenzhen Dataifeng Technology Co., Ltd. has more than ten years of research and development experience, has many senior technical engineers, and has applied for many national technology patents and professional inspection certificates in China
4.All products use high-quality and high-precision imported raw materials (temperature control instrument, PLC, heater).

About Dataifeng

Shenzhen Dataifeng Technology Co., Ltd. was established in March 2009. It is a professional manufacturer of electronic chip welding technology in the SMT production process, integrating R&D, production, sales and service. At present, the company has a number of senior technical engineers, as well as 2 R&D bases and multiple production lines. At the same time, we have applied for a number of national technology patents and professional inspection certificates in China. Now the company's business projects are diversified (BGA rework stations, BGA test tools, BGA ball planting equipment, BGA plant ball processing services, BGA consumables, BGA soldering rework services, and other PCB motherboard chip repair services), among which equipment products can be processed and customized . In addition to having a large domestic customer base, we also export to the United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, India and other countries. We firmly believe that with the support of customers and the joint efforts of all employees, Dataifeng Company will strive to serve more customers through innovation and make customers have a better sense of experience.

一、DT-F120S main features:

1Can be implemented to remind the heating time.

2. Has a good heat insulation capacity.

3. Temperature real-time control display.

4 function configuration upgrade, increase the ventilation function.

5. The use of three high-precision high-power heating pipe, constant temperature heating temperature is more stable and more accurate.

6. Humanized design, comprehensive consideration of the operator's safety protection.

Product Specifications:

1. Heating plate size: 120MM × 200MM

2. Power: 1200W

3. Temperature setting: room temperature ~ 400 ℃ adjustable, PID temperature control

4. Temperature control: K-type thermocouple, closed-loop control

5. Operating voltage: AC220V 50 / 60Hz

6. Dimensions: 300MM × 300MM × 170MM (L × W × H)

7. Weight: about 6Kg

The control panel



Timing start
Timing reminders


Heating up cooling switch

Temperature adjustment
Timing reminder

三. Temperature adjustment:

1. SV:  set temperature value

2. PV: the actual temperature value 

3. Δ:  increment key

4. Δ: decrease key        

5. Δ : Shift key

6. SET: Process setting key                            


(1) In the set state, PV window shows the setting character, SV window shows the current setting value;

(2) If you want to enter the second setting area from the normal control state, you must press the SET button for more than 5 seconds;

(3) If you want to exit from the second set area to the normal control state, there are two ways: The first approach is to press the SET button for more than 5 seconds to exit; the second method is not according to any function keys of the instrument more than 30 Second, the system will automatically exit the second setting area. But the two methods are different from the exit: the first way to exit the second set area you set or modify the parameters are valid, according to the second method to exit the second set area, you set Fixed or modified parameters are invalid.

(4) In the second setting state, when OUT1 = 1, press the SET button for more than 5 seconds, the system will exit the second setting state, and automatically enter the auto-tuning optimization state, then OTU1 indicator light flashes;

(5) In the self-tuning work state, press the SET button, the system will exit the auto-tuning state, enter the set state. If you want to return to the auto-tuning state, you can set OUT1 to OUT1 = 1 again

And then press the SET button for 5 seconds to exit;

(6) When you want to prevent others from modifying your parameters, you can set the LOK value to 01 or 02 in the second setting area before exiting.

* Instrument function key Description:

SET  key: Process control key

Key: Set the bit shift key

Key: increment key

Key: decrease key  

Heating time to remind:

1. Time to remind the adjustment table, the middle of the red display is divided into: H (hour) M (minutes) S (seconds)

When the time set by H is hour, when M is set to time, the time set in S is seconds, the length of time can be set by adding or subtracting the above values. The longer the value is, the longer the value is. The shorter the time.

2. When the heating reminder time is set, press the start button, the reminder time starts counting, and the buzzer sounds the audible time.

Panel switch effect:The Increase /decrease temperature switch: turn on the total power to open the temperature switch, the device began to heat.

Total power switch: This switch is turned on after the machine power supply, this switch behind the machine.

四. On the self-tuning

(P). Derivative time (I), integral time (D) parameters are different for different temperature control objects, and PID control is used in most cases where the temperature control is very high. The traditional PID instrument, the above parameters are set by the experienced process control experts to operate the tuning, or most likely due to the parameters of the mismatch, resulting in the entire system out of control, which the majority of users to bring trouble. This series of instruments, with PID parameters from the auto-tuning function, start the function, it can automatically according to the control object, simulation expert operation automatically search, set the best parameters to achieve the best temperature control effect.

2. How to use the auto-tuning function

(1) Press the SET key to enter the second setting area, enter "Auto tuning setting status" according to the setting operation flow, set "OUT1" to "01", press the SET button for 5 seconds, the instrument will exit the setting State, into the auto-tuning state, then OUT1, When the indicator light is flashing, the "OUT1" indicator is off and the set P.I.D parameter is automatically saved in the instrument.

(2) If you want to check the setting of the P.I.D parameter, you can set it in the second setting area of the setting operation. (3) in the instrument self-tuning process, you must keep the power of continuous, and minimize interference, or you can restart the auto-tuning. (4) in the temperature control object initial heating process to start self-tuning and close to the set point (that is, the control point) to start self-tuning out of the two sets of parameters may be inconsistent, the general selection of a set of parameters is better. (5) In the case of large interference, it is possible to use the method of multiple setting to check the rationality of the parameters after the setting.

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