Dataifeng focused on the BGA chip welding technology,BGA balls technical solution equipment tools,bga welding machine.
BGA chips solder paste printing and reballing by Dataifeng's  machines

BGA chips solder paste printing and reballing by Dataifeng's machines

Dataifeng China DT-F210 BGA Semi Balls mounting machine/Semi Automatic Solder Paste Printer Machine manufacturers - Dataifeng,All products are independently developed, with 2 R&D bases and multiple production lines. 

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Shenzhen Dataifeng Technology Co., Ltd.. is a high-tech enterprise focus on the SMT production process of electronic chip welding, is a collection of research and development, production, sales and service in one of the professional electronic chip welding repair processing solutions industry.Since the company was established in March 2009, thanks to the support of new and old users and the joint efforts of all staff. Now has the independent intellectual property rights of the core technology in chip welding repair special equipment. the company in line with the customer-centered, the pursuit of perfect technical solutions for the goal, professional to provide high-quality electronic chip welding BGA repair equipment.  
The repair equipment series products have covered high and low grades, could be customized for special needs and provide customers with complete solutions in electronic chip welding repair operations! 
Dataifeng through independent development and innovation, product functions and quality continue to improve, with good professional technology, quality and timely after-sales service, won the recognition and trust of our customers. 
We'll solve it for you to deal with the SMT production process can not deal with the problem! No matter you are in the precision BGA welding encountered problems, or precision welding technology problems, with our professional technical experience and high-tech solutions. 
 We offer more than BGA machining welding or ball planting technology! We save more manpower and material costs for you! Your satisfaction is our eternal pursuit! Dataifeng is getting better every day because of you!  

Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.

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