On PCB circuit board heat dissipation skills

November 23, 2022

For any electronic products in the heat can not get heat is a very harmful thing, not only for the product is more for people. Electronic equipment heating if you do not find a way to heat, then the temperature of the equipment will continue to rise, which will directly lead to the components of the equipment due to overheating effect; In serious cases, components of the device may explode. So in the electronic PCB circuit board heat dissipation this should have a good treatment method, then let's take a look at the technical points.

1. Engineering in the design of PCB in the power distribution of this point many to achieve uniform distribution, uniform distribution is because if the power teaching concentrated, it will be easy to appear heat and heat dissipation difficulties, and then affect the use of the circuit board. Therefore, it is suggested to avoid the hot spot concentration of PCB as much as possible during the design.

2. Design some components with high power consumption to a place where heat dissipation is easy, and avoid the most central position as far as possible. Because PCB circuit board will need to assemble a lot of components in the component, if the high power consumption components installed in the most inside, then some small parts around will be much heat, so it will be more heat. Therefore, it is necessary to reasonably design those components with high power consumption in the position of easy heat dissipation.

3. On the components to distinguish which is small heat, poor heat resistance, large heat resistance and good heat resistance. For example, large-scale integrated circuits and power transistors are characterized by high heat and good heat resistance, and these should be designed to be placed downstream of the cold air flow. For example, electrolytic capacitors, small-scale integrated circuits and small crystal tubes are of small heat and poor heat resistance, which can be designed at the top of the most cooling air flow.

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