Six points for attention when choosing BGA repair equipment?

November 24, 2022

With the development of technology, in this era when BGA repair equipment has gradually replaced the ordinary air gun, we need to spend more efforts when selecting BGA equipment. So what should we pay attention to when choosing this product? To solve this problem, we have divided the following content into six points for you to answer.

Note one: from the machine operation control system to consider

The operation control system of the machine is generally instrument, touch screen, computer control. The operation of the instrument is too complicated, the price of the computer is relatively expensive, and the touch screen is relatively practical.

Note two: from the BGA chip size to consider

Choose the right size machine for the BGA chip, the bigger the better.

Note three: Select by temperature accuracy

As we all know, temperature accuracy is the core of BGA repair equipment, and the industry standard is plus or minus 3 degrees. The smaller the temperature difference, the better. You can use the furnace temperature tester to simulate the test.

Note four: the upper infrared heating equipment can be selected

On this recommendation, mainly because there are many types of BGA, the classification is wide, to deal with a variety of different BGA, the requirements of convenience, accuracy, high efficiency, it is recommended to choose the upper infrared heating equipment.

Note five: by making plate area to choose

If the plate area is too small, the board can not be well preheated, it is easy to cause deformation, foaming, yellowing, fault and other problems. Therefore, it is necessary to make plate area selection when choosing BGA equipment.

Note six: Temperature zone of the device

Different temperature zones can be applied to the range is not the same. For example, the three-temperature zone is the upper and lower part of the BGA chip for local heating, the bottom for the whole plate preheating. The two-temperature zone is short of the lower temperature zone, so the success rate of small or simple BGA chips is OK, like iron shell package or large BGA chips, the two-temperature zone is difficult to meet.

After the introduction of the above six matters, you will have more direction when choosing BGA repair equipment? Take a look at the Datafide DTF-350D, an upgraded repair desk.


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