What are the advantages of X-ray inspection machine for BGA welding?

May 09, 2023

X-ray detection equipment for the detection of BGA welding has many advantages, to give you a detailed introduction: First, the accuracy of X-ray detection equipment X-ray detection accuracy is very high, it can detect the size of the BGA welding position, shape and position of the solder joint, so as to achieve high-precision welding.2. Durability of X-ray detection machine X-ray detection machine has higher durability than other detection machines, and can be used for a long time, not easy to break down, and easy to maintain.

Third, the X-ray detection machine is time-saving and labor-saving. The efficiency of X-ray detection is very high, which can save 50% or more time than the traditional detection method.Moreover, X-ray detection does not require too much operation, only the operator needs to put the BGA welded module into the X-ray detector to complete the detection.4. Flexibility X-ray detector can be adjusted according to the needs of customers, and can easily achieve a variety of modes of detection, such as multi-layer board BGA welding detection, small BGA welding detection, etc.5. Safety of X-ray testing equipment X-ray testing is a non-destructive testing, so it will not cause any damage to the BGA welded module in the testing process, and X-ray testing can be carried out outdoors and other safe places, which will not cause any harm to the production environment.In a word, X-Ray testing equipment has the advantages of accuracy, time-saving, durability, safety and flexibility in testing BGA welding, which can meet the different needs of customers and provide accurate, safe and efficient testing services for customers.

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